Architecture of Modern Software (Azure perspective)

6.5 hours of training material for free, including topics on:

  • Fundamentals – Orchestration, Clusters, Microservices, Containers, 12 Factor App design, CI/CD
  • Networking – Service endpoints, Forward/Reverse Proxies, DNS, Load balancing, API Versioning, Retries/Idempotency
  • Messaging with queues – Benefits, Fault tolerance, Queue features
  • Service upgrade & configuration – Service updates, Rolling updates, Shutdown and reconfigure
  • Leader Election – Whatever is that…
  • Data storage – Caches, Blobs, CDNs, Relational/Non relational, Partitioning & replicas, CQRS, Event sourcing, Eventual consistence, SAGA pattern, Concurrency control, Versioning schemas, Backup & restore, Recovery point & time objectives, Disaster recovery.

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